Weekly Evening Snowshoeing Begins January 21

Weekly Evening Snowshoeing Begins January 21

The Blackville Mango Health & Wellness committee will resume free snowshoeing sessions every Monday evening for the remainder of the winter, weather permitting. Sessions begin Monday, January 21 at 6:30pm at Blackville Park.

No snowshoes? No problem! Snowshoes will be provided for those who need them. All ages are welcome.

While the park is lit at night, you are welcome to bring a flashlight if you have one. Parts of the trail are in wooded areas.

The trail is one kilometer in length, and can be looped as many times as you want, at your own pace. Want to go 3 kilometers, loop it three times. 5 kilometers? Loop it five times. Once is enough… go for it.

Come on out and enjoy a low-impact activity, socialize with others and enjoy lots of fresh air!

Daytime sessions will be planned at a later date.

Did you know? You can burn more calories snowshoeing than you can walking, running or cross country skiing at the same pace!


Weekly Evening Snowshoeing Begins January 21