Service Charges

Service Charges

Membership Fee:
Non Profit   $5
Under the age of 19   $5
Personal   $20
Business   $20

Personal Chequing Accounts:
Statement Fee   2.00
Written Cheque Fee  .50

Member Direct Purchase   .50 per transaction
Using ATM at another Institution   3.00 per withdrawal
Pre-Authorized Pmt Withdrawal   .50 ea
Member Direct Transfer   .50 ea
ICU Withdrawal  .50 ea

Bill Payments:
Blackville CU Members   .50 per bill
Non BCU Members   3.00 per bill
Members without bill   2.00 per bill
NSF   45.00 per item
Certified Cheques   10.00 per chq
Certified Cheques (Non-Members)   12.00 per chq
Stop Payments   15.00 per item
Bank Drafts   10.00 per item
US Bank Drafts   15.00 per item
Overdrafts   5.00
Money Orders   8.00 per item
Internal Telephone Transfers   3.00 per transfer
Printout of Acct   2.00
Detailed Statement of Acct   3.00
Charge Backs   10.00 ea
Interest Letters   25.00 ea
Late Payment Fee   40.00 ea
Photocopy   .50 per page
Intensive Record Search   30.00 per hour
Faxing Documents   2.00

Safety Deposit Boxes:
35.00 Large
30.00 Small

Bank confirmation   25.00
Overdraft Transfer Service   2.00
Loan Extension   25.00 each transaction
E-Transfer – outgoing   2.00 each transaction
E-Transfer — incoming   FREE
Debit Cards   5.00 each – Allowed 1 free after initial card

Overdraft Charges       A $4.75 fee applies for each item that is withdrawn from a Members account while in an overdraft position. An interest rate of 24% also applies to the amount in overdraft.


Canadian Wire Transfer          10.00
USA Wire Transfer                    15.00
International Wire Transfer   20.00

Commercial Application Fee on credit – 1% of balance.

Commercial Account – Annual review of   150.00

Business Chequing Accounts
Statement Fee   1.20
Written Cheque Fee   .70
Deposit Fee   .70

New Accounts closed within 90 days will be subject to a 50% Membership Share Fee up to $10 maximum