Student Line of Credit

Student Line of Credit

Our Student Line of Credit is a flexible way to make continuing education possible. The program is designed for students who require funding for post-secondary education, including tuition, course fees, books, and living expenses while away from home. Students enrolling in full-time or part-time studies at a recognized post-secondary educational institution (university, college or technical school) are eligible.

• Flexibility to take out and pay back portions of your loan whenever you want.
• Available for both full and part-time students.
• Convenient and affordable interest-only payments while in attendance.
• Flexible repayment schedules to meet a student’s needs.
• Line-of-credit means you apply once and advance funds as needed. You pay interest only on amount used.
• Click here for some additional tips and planning and advice for financing your education and planning for your future.

How to apply:
You can contact us at or 506-843-2219

*Rate may be subject to change and without notice. Certain conditions may apply


Provincial and Federal student loans and grants

Finding the best options for financing your education can be overwhelming. You may qualify for federal and provincial government loans and portions of these may come to you in the form of a grant that you don’t have to pay back so we strongly encourage you to research these options as well. Take advantage of the useful tools available on these websites to help you calculate estimated loan amounts and plan for making repayments once you are done school. Our number one priority is getting you that all important education with as little debt as possible.

Canada Student Loan and New Brunswick Student Loan

Canada Student Grant